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Survey Finds Hidden Costs of Homeownership


(TNS)—Your day burns brightly on both ends. You prod your kids out of bed at daybreak, get them dressed, fed and off to school. You drive to work, endure meetings, colleagues, power lunches, memos and strategy sessions, only to return home through gridlocked traffic just as the sun sets, beg your kids to eat dinner, wash them, coax them to sleep, do the dishes and then mercifully collapse in front of the television set. You... Read more

Major apartment developer: 'There is an acute crisis headed our way'


Scan the downtowns of the nation's largest cities, and you are likely to see a staggering array of cranes. Most of them are helping to build luxury apartment buildings. In fact, multifamily construction is now at a 40-year high; the trouble is, developers are putting up the wrong kinds of buildings. The luxury market is largely overbuilt, while there is a shortage of affordable rental housing, and developers are hamstrung by the now record-high cost... Read more

Housing starts rebound as building permits rise to the highest level since 2007


U.S. homebuilding increased to more than a one-year high in January, boosted by a rebound in the construction of single-family housing units, and further gains are likely as building permits soared to their highest level since 2007.... Read more

Mortgage rates rising


00:51 |... Read more

Wynn Resorts' $5 billion problem


Wynn Resorts has a problem beyond just the resignation of founder Steve Wynn : a $5 billion problem. That's how much could be on the line in the lawsuit with his co-founder and former partner Kazuo Okada. In 2002, the Japanese pachinko king was the money man behind the launch of the company, with Okada and Steve Wynn each owning approximately 20 percent of the shares. But in 2010, when Steve and Elaine Wynn divorced,... Read more


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