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Changing mortgage deduction would discourage homeownership: Toll Brothers CEO


Making changes to the popular mortgage interest rate deduction would be "very bad policy," Toll Brothers CEO Doug Yearley told CNBC on Tuesday.... Read more

Popular mortgage deduction could get a haircut in tax reform


The mortgage interest tax deduction has long been considered politically untouchable — until now, that is.... Read more

Inside Jay Z and Beyonce’s mansion-hunting journey


You know Los Angeles real estate is getting expensive when Jay Z and Beyonce are getting outbid. News that Jay Z and Beyonce have purchased a 30,000-square-foot mansion in LA's Bel Air neighborhood for $88 million highlighted just how wealthy the music superstars have become. But their purchase followed a three-year house-hunting saga in which JayBey were repeatedly outbid by even richer buyers or faced prices that were beyond their comfort level. The Los Angeles... Read more


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